Client Services

  • Complete Client Interview
  • Face to Face Consultation with a personalized Plan of Action
  • Preapproval Letter vs Prequalification Letter with Automated underwriting findings
  • Weekly Follow up and weekend availability
  • If you need to speak to a professional that specializes in, Credit, Insurances or Taxes, we have resources that may be able to help.
  • 12 hour Underwriting scenarios
  • Privacy Protection
  • 20 day Closing
  • Competitive products, investors friendly programs including residential, commercial and hard money.
  • Same day approval
  • Ability to pre-underwriting a application
  • Detailed explanation on; Timeline of the Loan Process, my teams role, the Do’s and Don’ts, Current Market rates, Homestead application, Debt to income ratios, Bank vs Lender explanation, FHA vs Conventional explanation, Loan Level Price Adjustments, Closing costs, monthly payments and escrow accts.

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