NADA offers:

Nothing Down, 100% Purchase Financing.



FHA 100% Financing – NADA

  • 100% FHA financing – Down Payment Assistance up to 3.5% of the sales price
  • Assistance is set up as a second loan that will have monthly payments along with the first one, and after 10 years it will be paid off.   Borrower also has the ability to refinance the two loans together after making 7 payments.
  • No income limits to qualify
  • No restrictions on the location of the home
  • Assistance may also be used towards closing costs and prepaids
  • At least 580 FICO score.  One FICO score is ok.
  • DACA work visa is allowed
  • Lender or borrower paid allowed
  • Purchase of 1-4 Unit. Single Family Residence, Town homes, duplex, triplex and fourplex as well as FHA approved Condos.
  • Primary residence only
  • Home buyer Education Requirements: At least one borrower must receive housing counseling from a HUD approved non-profit housing counseling agency
  • Livable property and no construction allowed
  • Condominiums must be approved by FHA
  • Manufactured homes are allowed
  • Loan must have an escrow account: Insurance and taxes to be paid together with the monthly payments of principal and interest
  • Minimum loan amount $50,000
  • Fixed rates, and no prepayment penalty
  • Terms for the loan may be; 30 years and Assistance is based on 10yr amortization
  • Gif funds from a relative are allowed
  • Seller contributions towards closing costs can be up to 6% of the loan amount
  • Co signers – Non occupant borrowers are allowed
  • First time home buyer OK
  • Loan Amount Limit based on county loan limit.


  1. Unidad/es $420,680
  2. Unidad/es $538,650
  3. Unidad/es $651,050
  4. Unidad/es $809,150