Private Money Financing

Boxwood Mortgage’s Private Money Loan. 20% down payment / 80% Loan to value when refinance.

Private Money Financing; Boxwood Mortgage Private Money Loan

Loan Parameters:

  • 20% down payment / 80% Loan to value when refinance.
  • No credit score or low credit scores is okay. With Alternative tradelines.
  • No mortgage insurance required.
  • Gift funds from a relative for closing are allowed.
  • Primary Residence and Investment.
  • Fixed rates available.
  • Terms of 10, 15, 20 and 30 year loans. As well as 6-12 Month Hard money loans.
  • No prepayment penalties to pay early or extra each month.
  • Borrowers with TAX ID or ITIN # are okay.
  • Alternative income documents are acceptable.

Types of Income Documents Allowed:

  • CPA/ Accountants Letter required when self employed.
  • 12 Month Bank Statements.
  • Two years of 1099’s.
  • Two years of W2’s.
  • Lease agreement on rental income from existing property.
  • Two years tax returns.
  • Verification of Employment for the last 2 years.