We offer loans.

If you are an investor who is looking to buy discounted, REO or wholesale properties then we have one of the most flexible and competitive loans for you.

Real estate is usually a long-term game where the gains tend to come over time. But however you invest in real estate, you can make money if you follow smart principles of investing. When financing property, make sure you can afford the payments when you take out the loan. Then as you pay down the loan over time, consider how you might be able to reduce the interest expenses still further based on your solid borrowing history and lower outstanding loan balance.

Fix & Flip or Fix & Keep Program

  • Short Term – No Pre Pay – No Minimum Interest
  • N/O/O SFR, Condo or 2-4 Units
  • Min credit 600
  • Rates start from 7.50%
  • 5-1 Year ARM and 7-1 ARM
  • 75% of purchase price
  • 70% ARV on refinance
  • 6-12 month term  
  • Interest Only payments
  • Loan amt $100k-$5Mill.
  • No income verification
  • Can be complete tear down